At In My Back Yard at Misty Hollow, we grow, gather and explore nature’s bounty for food, flavor and health.  Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, and hands-on workshops extend the reciprocal relationship of human and earth health to our shareholders & neighbors.  Those who work with us move from being passive to active participants, from the ground up, in the creation of their own body and life.





We are Sally Hammerman, an artist, teacher and a nurse; Jim Hammerman, a self-taught carpenter, teacher, and grower.

Jim wished to grow plants full-time.  Sally, not wanting mud-muck added to our 1700′s creamery/home said “build a barn,” so he did.  Jim, encouraging Sally to join him in the fields, said “come grow with me,” and she did.  We feel blessed with the community that joins our efforts.