Not your ordinary CSA…


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and here at IMBY Misty Hollow we take the “Community” in CSA seriously. We are NOT a place where you just pay your fee and pop in once a week to pick up vegetables. Our small group of shareholder members are friends, partners and true participants in the life of the farm, and in the process of bringing delicious, healthy food from our farm to their tables.


What you get from us…

  • 24-28 weeks of certified naturally grown produce, fruits, flowers, and herbs from right here in our backyard, as well as our farm’s spring water.

  • Additional items available for sale are eggs from our chickens and mushrooms from local mushroom farms.

  • Weekly shares vary from season to season depending on what’s ready for harvest.


When you do come to pick up your share…basket-of-peppers

Rather than have a box packed and waiting, we invite shareholders to be a part of that process. We harvest the ready crops each week, do the math, and post share quantities on the board in the member shed. Shareholders pick and weigh their shares, and pack it however they like. We’re BYOB! (As in Bring Your Own Box or Bag.) Flowers and herbs are u-pick-em. Shareholders often hang around on pickup days, let the kids explore the garden, wander around to see what’s popping up for next week, put in some work hours, or just loiter about and drink some lemonade.


What we ask of you…

boy-weedingOur shareholders get involved and become part of our growing family of folks who know the importance of eating homegrown, local, sustainably-produced foods of high quality. Shareholders might, among other things, host, set up or clean up after a workshop; they might work side-by-side with us here at the farm, start seeds, help with our annual FUNdraiser, or share recipes or a blog post here on our website.


Buy-in and Pay-back…

Buy-in: The following year’s share price is posted at the end of each season. The share price is the “buy-in” and supports many costs of the farm.

Pay-back: Members can work up to 40 hours per season, and receive back $5.50 per hour. Pay-back is paid out twice (once mid-way through the season and again at the end of the year). In addition to encouraging active participation in our farm community, this “pay-back” means you can reduce the cost of your share by up to $220 over the course of the season.


Interested in joining or learning more?

Contact: imbymistyhollow [at] mac [dot] com